a taste of poetry and other seasonal writings

Doctoral Research

I’m a doctoral candidate (PhD) at James Cook University in Cairns. My supervisor is Adjunct Professor Stephen Torre and my co-supervisor is Dr Ariella Van Luyn.

My research is led by my creative practice. I am composing a series of live performances which incorporate poetic texts, narrative monologue and photographic images. See the page on Wet: an appetite for the tropics for details of performances.

To complement my creative work, I am also writing theoretical and exegetic texts.

To learn more about the first stage of my project see my paper published in JASAL, the Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, Vol 14, No 3 (2014):

A Continuity of Country: Enlivenment in a Live Evocation of Place



My Research Title:

Wet: An Appetite for the Tropics – Evoking Connections with the Wet Tropics Environment Through Poetry in Live Performance.


My Research Inquiry:

How can the experience of living in the Wet Tropics, focusing on human interactions and relationships with and within the natural environment, be interpreted through poetry in live performances which are designed to engage audiences and evoke awareness of place while exploring meaningful connections to the Wet Tropics environment?


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