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MC Nannarchy


Nanna at Wallaby Creek Folk Festival

There is one particular character who has a habit of ambushing my performances when I least expect it. She insists on an introduction.  Meet Nanna (aka MC Nannarchy), the aspiring eco-warrior, hippie and rapper.




MC Nannarchy at the Woodford Folk Festival Poets' Breakfast.

MC Nannarchy at the Woodford Folk Festival Poets’ Breakfast. (Photo: Steve Baker)




Nanna won the 2011 Woodford Folk Festival Poet’s Breakfast ‘Poet of the Week’ and was back at Woodford in 2012 causing as much on-stage havoc as possible. She was prised out of her soujourn with the hippies in the forests of the Sunshire Coast hinterland to compete in the 2013 Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup. In 2014 she made her way to the Wallaby Creek Folk Festival and is hobbling toward Yungaburra for the Tablelands Folk Festival.